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Florida Spousal Abuse Lawyer

A domestic violence arrest can come as a shock. It is easy for fights to escalate. All it takes to start a domestic violence case is for one person to say that a domestic partner or spouse hit the other. What begins as a private quarrel soon escalates once the police arrive. Before anyone realizes, the police have made an arrest.

Of course, there are times when a wife or husband is genuinely afraid and needs protection. Just as often, a couple can communicate calmly and rationally once again after a day or two. But the legal complications continue after a domestic violence arrest.

Your best hope of a satisfactory ending after you or your husband, wife or domestic partner has been arrested is to seek the help of a lawyer with knowledge and experience in this area of the law.

At the Fort Lauderdale law offices of Andrew D. Washor, P.A., our Florida law firm is dedicated to representing people accused of domestic violence. Attorney Andrew D. Washor is a former Broward County prosecutor who prosecuted criminal cases before starting his own law practice. Now focusing entirely on family law and criminal defense, he has the broad perspective necessary to effectively handle domestic violence cases. He knows firsthand the strategies prosecutors use to get a conviction. He also knows the tactics that spouses use, often to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody situation.

Mr. Washor has represented clients in all the local courts where domestic violence cases are handled. He knows what prosecutors are looking for and how to find a solution that is likely to achieve the desired goal. We also handle matters related to injunctions for protection against domestic violence, including allegations of violation of restraining orders.

Divorce and Domestic Violence

When allegations of domestic violence are made during a divorce, it is easy for things to get out of control. Many parents fear losing contact with their children. At Andrew D. Washor, P.A., we handle domestic violence cases with both criminal defense and family law aspects. We understand how easy it is for things to get out of control, and we know just how harmful accusations — especially false accusations of domestic violence — can be for a person.

We also handle dependency cases. These cases occur when Child and Family Services becomes involved and tries to remove children from parents' custody. These cases involve different judges than criminal or family law judges and a great deal is at risk. If parents fail to make their case, they may face termination of parental rights.

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Schedule a free and confidential consultation with Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney Andrew D. Washor to discuss the legal issues that affect you and your family. Call our law firm toll free at 877-709-9701 or at 954-769-0685. You may also simply complete our online contact form.

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