Florida Parenting Plan Attorney

When legal issues affect children, it is important to work with an attorney who puts children first. For more than three decades, family law attorney Andrew D. Washor has been helping his clients achieve the best possible results in Florida courts. At our Fort Lauderdale law office, he helps clients look out for the best interests of their children in matters of child custody and visitation (often referred to as parenting time or time sharing in Florida).

We represent parents going through divorces involving matters of child custody and time sharing. We also represent parents of children born outside of a marriage, helping them resolve child custody and time sharing issues as part of a petition for paternity. And, when circumstances change, we help parents modify and enforce existing child custody orders.

Divorces Involving Children

At Andrew D. Washor, P.A., we have the skill to help you effectively manage a divorce involving children. These can be especially complicated — both legally and emotionally. Parents want what's best for their children, but often this leads to disagreement. We provide a great deal of guidance about parents' rights under the law.

In matters of child custody, Florida law focuses on the best interests of the child. Courts look at the facts of each case, considering a series of factors when determining which type of arrangement may be in the child's best interests. They may look at things like the child's relationship with each parent, each home situation, continuity, stability and, if the child is old enough, the child's wishes.

Relocation of the Custodial Parent

When parents wish to move to another state with their children, they may have to get the court's permission first if they are subject to an existing court order. In order to get approval, they must usually show that there is a reason for the move — like a better job, schools or housing — and that the move is not intended to take away from the relationship between the child and the other parent. Relocating parents must also show that the parent who remains behind will receive the same amount of time with the child as that parent did before the move.

Talking to a lawyer can help you understand critical facts about relocating with a child:

  • Parents who move without the court's permission may be putting their relationship with their children in jeopardy, so it is critical that you talk with an attorney before making major decisions.
  • If your child's parent has moved without court permission, you may be able to get an emergency pick-up order to have the child brought back.

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