Child Support

In Florida, child support guidelines help parents determine how much child support must be paid or owed. These guidelines are based on the net income of each party and take other factors into account as well. Many parents feel confused or overwhelmed when trying to calculate the exact amount of child support due. By seeking an attorney's help, they get the guidance and accurate answers they need.

At the Fort Lauderdale law offices of Andrew D. Washor, P.A., we help clients throughout southern Florida with matters of child support. Our clients include parents who need child support matters determined as part of a divorce, as well as parents who were never married. We can help establish child support or have it modified or enforced.

Protecting Your Child in a Divorce

When representing clients in child support matters related to divorces, we help parents minimize the impact of the end of the marriage. To reduce the effects of divorce on a child, parents should make it clear to their children that the divorce is not the child's fault. They should avoid talking about the other spouse in a bad way and should keep things as normal as possible.

If child support is involved, it is a good idea not to make the child a go-between for passing the support check from one parent to another. In fact, refraining from talking about child support money with the child is generally a good idea.

Child Support Modification

While it may be possible to go directly to the county for child support enforcement, the process can be greatly sped up by having a lawyer on your side. At Andrew D. Washor, P.A., we can help parents enforce child support order.

You should know that, if a person is found in contempt of court for being behind on child support, he may face serious consequences. His driver's license may be suspended, his wages garnished and he may be denied a passport.

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