When parents are not married to each other, a paternity action may be required to establish a father's identity and the rights and parental responsibilities of the father and mother and to establish:

  • timesharing (child custody)
  • child support

Consider Consequences Beyond Paternity Laws Regarding Child Support

Despite any difficulties associated with the relationship between an unmarried mother and father, having the father of a child born out of wedlock involved in his or her life can make a great difference in his or her upbringing and well-being for a lifetime. Research studies show that children with involved fathers do better in school and are less likely to be disturbed or in trouble. Furthermore, having the unwed father involved may allow other caring family members such as grandparents into a child's life.

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  • You are pregnant and wish to hold your child's father responsible for child support.
  • Your baby has already been born and you need child support from the father.
  • You have been named as father of a baby born out of wedlock, and you wish to confirm or dispute the allegation.
  • You are a father of a child born outside of marriage, and you want to assert your parental rights including visitation rights.
  • You are a man approaching divorce, your wife is pregnant and you suspect that the child may have another father.

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