Child Support Modification ◦ Post-Divorce Matters

It is not uncommon for circumstances of one spouse or the other to change after a divorce. A post-divorce decree may be necessary to modify custody or support orders as follows:

  • Modification of child support
  • Modification of child custody
  • Modification of child custody to accommodate a move-away (relocation) of the child
  • Modification of spousal support

If both parents/spouses agree to the modification, formalizing it will be straightforward. If a post-divorce modification is contested, it may be necessary to resolve the difference through litigation.

Moving With Children After Divorce

A move-away situation is often heartbreaking when small children are involved. When the custodial parent takes a small child out of state, the opportunities for the other parent to nurture strong parent-child bond are greatly diminished. Instead of weekly visitation, the parent may see the child only a few times a year, with greater expenses and inconvenience involved.

If you are a custodial parent wishing to move your child out of state after a divorce, be prepared to demonstrate that your son's or daughter's best interests are served by changes such as the following:

  • An upgrade in lifestyle, thanks to your new and better job in another state
  • Better schools
  • A better house
  • More contact with extended family

Conversely, if you are the visiting parent, be prepared to demonstrate why your child will be better off staying in state.

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