Florida Domestic Violence Lawyer: Orders for Protection and Restraining Orders

If you or someone you care about has become the victim of domestic violence, it may be possible to take legal action to make the violence stop. You may qualify for an injunction for protection against domestic violence or child abuse. These injunctions are protective orders issued by Florida courts that require one person to stop harming another.

At the Fort Lauderdale law offices of Andrew D. Washor, P.A., we help people throughout south Florida get domestic violence restraining orders (often called injunctions for protection). Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, and we take quick action to protect our clients. Using more than three decades of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible results in Florida courts — protecting their safety and moving forward with their lives.

Injunctions for protection against domestic violence can order a person to stop abusing you or even coming near you. Injunctions are also powerful tools with strong family law implications. They can order other things, like having the abuser leave the home and pay temporary child support, as well as awarding the spousal abuse victim temporary custody of the children.

Florida Domestic Violence: Civil Law

In domestic violence situations, civil cases may occur at the same time as the result of the same violent act. Attorney Andrew D. Washor is well qualified to handle the civil law aspects of domestic violence. He has focused his career on family law and can assist with injunctions for protection in the civil law system. He also handles domestic violence situations.

Put Yourself in a Good Position. Talk with a Lawyer.

If you are considering a divorce, talking to an attorney can help protect your interests — even if you are not sure whether you really want to end your marriage. Many people put themselves in a good position by planning for the divorce before it happens. They document the personal property, like jewelry or expensive art, and real property (real estate) they own. They also may take a spouse off a joint credit card account and locate receipts for assets that may become an issue in the divorce.

It may also be possible to put a restraining order on important accounts. These orders freeze accounts — with or without notice to the other spouse — so that important assets are protected before they go missing.

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