Marchman Act Intervention (Involuntary Services)

Involuntary Services For A Loved One In Florida Struggling With Addiction

If a family member or other loved one is struggling with substance abuse but will not seek help, it puts you in an extraordinarily difficult position. Most likely, you do not want to force that person to do something unwillingly, but at the same time, you know that person needs help and something has to be done.

In Florida, the Marchman Act provides a solution through involuntary commitment for evaluation and treatment. The law is intended to assist family members, friends and other concerned persons seeking to help loved ones who cannot or will not seek help on their own.

Our South Florida law firm assists people who are seeking a Marchman Act intervention on behalf of a person in need. We will explain this complex legal process and guide you through the involuntary commitment proceeding and the aftermath. Recovery often involves multiple cycles of treatment before it "takes." We support people with addictions by helping those who care enough to stand by their loved ones through the ups and downs.

Local Attorneys For Out-Of-State Families
Many of our clients are parents from other states whose son or daughter is living in Florida. Our experienced lawyers are well-versed in Marchman Act hearings in the local courts of Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County and surrounding jurisdictions. Call us today.

Experience Counts When Involuntary Commitment Is An Issue

It is important to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you understand the legal landscape and help you through the process. Attorney Andrew D. Washor has practiced since 1978 and Paul Perrin since 1995. Mr. Washor and Mr. Perrin are dedicated lawyers who have seen all types of addiction case — alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, addiction to prescription drugs like Xanax, or a combination of drugs and alcohol, with many of the cases also involving significant mental health issues.

A Marchman Act petition can be brought by adults who have knowledge of the person's substance abuse problems. (See Who Can File A Marchman Act Petition?) Our team can help you through the legal landscape of Marchman Act cases as well as through the personal aspects of putting your family's life back together.

Whether the addiction is illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol (or drugs and alcohol), the Marchman Act has proven effective as a legal pathway to recovery. We assist parents and siblings, friends and neighbors, co-workers and professionals in steering the person to the help they need. That person in need of help may be averse to treatment. However, once they detox many addicts embrace the opportunity for change.

We help our clients take a big picture approach to the intervention. Intensive treatment must be followed up. Beyond filing petitions and representing you in court hearings, we can assist in finding the right service providers, based upon your resources. We have helped clients locate mental health specialists, support groups and other resources, and help families line up housing, employment and a support network. We prepare you for the hearings and court appearances, and we can step in if there is pushback from the court, treatment provider or the addicted person.

We Are Dedicated To Making A Difference

Our attorneys are very familiar with the local courts and all facets of Marchman proceedings. We are attuned to the tremendous stress and worry felt by caring family and friends. We are mindful of the many drug overdose deaths that occur on a weekly basis in South Florida for lack of intervention.

To discuss our experience in this field and what we can do to help, arrange a no-fee consultation with a skilled and compassionate lawyer. You can reach us online or call 954-769-0685 or 877-709-9701. We serve Ft. Lauderdal and all surrounding communities, including Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and Aventura.