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Mother arrested after punching daughter

Emotions often run high in families, especially during a dispute. Unfortunately, in some situations those strong emotions can lead to a physical altercation between spouses or even situations that lead to child abuse.

In a recent news report, authorities say a 32-year-old Florida mother went to pick up her 15-year-old daughter from her mother's home to take her to basketball practice. For some reason the mother decided she wasn't going to take her to practice. That's when her daughter said she was not going to go with her mother. The mother's angry response caused the girl to change her mind and she start packing up her things.

That is when, according to authorities, the mother met her daughter in the hallway of the grandmother's home and shoved the girl into a wall. That push led to a full-on physical fight between the two, starting with a punch from the mother. As the grandmother tried to break up the fight, the mother allegedly retrieved a knife from the kitchen and came back with it. The grandmother told the 32-year-old woman to leave and called the police. She told authorities she feared for her granddaughter's life.

After the phone call, police arrived and arrested the mother, charging her with domestic violence and aggravated child abuse. It is not clear why the mother went into a rage and attacked her daughter. Allegations of child abuse may not only result in criminal charges but could well be important evidence in child custody proceedings. Family members who are victims of domestic violence have the legal right to seek restraining orders against the abuser. Domestic violence is a very real and harmful blight on a family and a Florida attorney experienced in family law may be able to help from a legal standpoint, particularly in the context of ongoing matrimonial proceedings.

Source: News Journal, "Daytona mom charged with child abuse," East Volusia, Sept. 9, 2011

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